Bid for Flagship

Flagship Homes focuses on building high quality, beautiful, and affordable homes in Utah. From a student’s first condo in Provo to an executive’s retirement estate in Park City, discerning buyers trust Flagship to build their homes.  It’s a confidence that’s well earned.  Flagship works tirelessly to ensure that its plan designs reflect beauty and livability.  We obsess over small details like sight-lines, circulation, and window placement – things that you may not notice individually, but these details add up to a home that just feels better.  Flagship’s construction incorporates the latest in building technology, best practices, and flexibility so that families of all make-ups can enjoy quality that lasts and can appreciate a home that accommodates changes in their lifestyle. So if you and your company feel like you're a good fit for Flagship go ahead and tell us a little more about yourself, your company, and what you do, we'd like to get to know you!